Musictech Dual link digi sound

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100 completely programmable Performances, with the possibility to Save/Download to and from a USB stick. Each Performance can combine two presets (or MIDI sounds) for each section (Right, Bass and Chords) The Performances are completely programmable. By default, the factory provides 100 Performances programmed in sequence with the General MIDI presets.

USB Ports
The Dual Link is equipped with two USB ports enabling the loading of MIDI and MP3 backing tracks. The MIDI backing tracks are routed to the MIDI Out GM socket. Furthermore there is a USB Device (output) port that enables the Dual Link to connect to a Personal Computer, and is automatically recognized as a MIDI IN.

Touch Screen
The Touch Screen, together with the control panel, enables you to keep the state of the entire instrument under control, but above all gives the possibility to change the Performances very easily with a single touch.

The Dual Link is equipped with a Volume Pedal and as an optional extra, a 4-way Foot-Switch. Both programmable.